How do I go about making a booking at Cydus?
Give us a call on (03) 9326 3068 and let us know
a) the name your booking will be under
b) contact details
c) how many people you are booking for
d) on what day and at what time
We will try our best to seat your booking in the same area. However, this may not always be possible especially during our peak periods, such as Friday and Saturday evenings.
During peak periods, we will try our best to accommodate booking requests. Computers are put on reserve half an hour before your booking time. If your party is late, please call and advise as the reserved computers will be made available to incoming customers after 20 minutes of the booking time and will be regarded as a ‘no show’.

If I need to take a break and head off for a meal but want to come back to the same computer, can I do that?
Yes, definitely. Simply ask the staff at the counter for a ‘reserved’ sign to place at the computer you are seated at. Computers will be reserved for up to an hour during our peak periods, after which time the computer will be made available for incoming customers. Please return the sign to the counter once you are back at the computer.


Does CYDUS have WI-FI internet access?
Unfortunately not, sorry.

Can I keep the yellow “TEMP” card for the next time I visit because I haven’t used all the credit on it?
The yellow TEMP card issued for our casual login customers are to be handed back to the staff at the counter when you have finished using our computers in that one session you are there for. Any extra time left on the card after the minimum half hour charge of $1.90 will be refunded to you.

When are member passes valid till?
Our members only specials of “endurance” and “twilight” passes are valid for 12 hours from when they are purchased. The time from these passes DO NOT roll over to your next visit. If you would like to roll over the time from your current session, you may want to consider purchasing members only specials of discounted prepaid hours instead.

Does CYDUS have EFTPOS facilities?
Yes, we definitely do. Our machine also has PayPass / PayWave capabilities. We have a $10.00 minimum purchase with 50c fee for all EFTPOS transactions. If you are using EFTPOS, you may want to consider purchasing your drinks, snacks and usage time in one transaction instead of several transactions.


I have my own gaming mouse / keyboard / headset, can I bring it in and use them instead?
Yes, definitely. If your devices are plug-and-play, they should work perfectly fine with our gaming systems. However, we can not guarantee that your devices will work if they need software device installation or drivers. You are more than welcome to try, bring in your equipment and plug it into the computer that you are logged into.

Can I bring my own laptop and plug it in for LAN / Internet access?
Unfortunately not, sorry. Our network is set up with firewall settings that will not allow other devices to be plugged in to allow internet access.


Can I bring alcohol, for private consumption, into CYDUS?
Strictly NO. Unfortunately we are not licensed for any alcohol on premises as some of our customers are underaged. However, non-alcoholic beverages, snacks and chocolates are available for purchase if you are feeling peckish.