Price List

Internet & LAN Games Usage

Non-members*: $4.40/hr
Members: $3/hr

*Minimum charge of half hour usage, $2.20

Membership Signup*

Membership (1 year) + 3hrs free play: $15.00
Membership Renewal (1 year) + 5hrs free play: $15.00

*A Photo ID (driver’s licence / passport) is required to sign up for membership

Member Specials

Endurance Pass (5hrs play + drink/snack*): $15.00
Twilight Pass (Midnight till 9am play + 2 x drink/snack*): $21.00
Prepaid 10hrs ($2.5/hr): $25.00
Prepaid 20hrs ($2.25/hr): $45.00
Prepaid 50hrs ($2/hr): $100.00

*up to the value of a 600ml soft drink
Other Services

Black & White A4 printing (per print): $0.40